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CIO Viewpoint: Enterprise Adoption of Generative AI

Register here: Generative AI’s transformation of knowledge work is happening at a scale comparable to that of industrial processes in the last century with robotic automation. But unlike the industrial revolution, this transformation is fast, inexpensive and bottoms-up as evidenced by the 200+M monthly active Chat-GPT users. This is drawing a new baseline for […]

Beyond Language: Reasoning Over Non-Language Data with Generative AI

**Register here: [](** Generative AI models have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in language-related tasks. However, their potential extends into realms of artificial general intelligence far beyond language domains, encompassing non-language domains like genetic sequences, machine log data, financial markets data, time series data, etc. Disruptive AI architectures like transformers (the “T” in “GPT”) enable models to […]

Discovered not Designed: Hidden Capabilities of Large Language Models with Dolly

**Register here: [](**[ ]( We are only now discovering the immense power, latent capability, and emergent behaviours of Large Language Models and Generative AI. If software is eating the world, then GPT is eating software itself. In a matter of days and weeks, all the rules of the technology industry that we take for granted […]

Innovating for Impact: The Rise of Tech-Enabled Social Startups

**Register here: [](** It is often assumed that social impact and profitability are at odds, but Yuet Kim Lim and Deborah Priya Henry will challenge this notion to investors and founders as successful social entrepreneurs. They will share with the audience their experience innovating and building sustainable business models while continuously creating value for their […]

Separating The Great Promise of Quantum Computing from Snake Oil

**Register here: [](** Over the past decades, quantum computing has painted glimpses of both jaw-dropping promises and doomsday scenarios. In this provocative panel discussion at The Hive Think Tank, we question and debate the engineering foundations of quantum computer design in the backdrop of its struggles to deliver reliable and low error rate computing despite […]

Insurance for Robots Webinar

**REGISTER HERE: [](** Over the past decade, application of robots has grown ever so ubiquitous and closer to our day to day lives. There has been an avalanche of robotics use-cases beyond traditional factory automation including packing e-commerce orders, driving vehicles with/without us, flipping burgers in restaurants and keeping our homes safe & tidy. The […]

The Hive SEA: Economic Challenges & The Way Forward

**REGISTER HERE:** []( Join our panelists as they share their views on the macroeconomics & market landscape for venture capital investments in 2023, how it has affected their investment mandates, and their strategic response. In the second session, the panel shares trends they foresee in 2023 and advise on investment strategy and opportunities.

[WEBINAR] “The Emerging Security Landscape”

**PLEASE REGISTER HERE: [](** Fast changing application and infrastructure technologies combined with the continuously evolving threat posture has created a whole new set of challenges for startups and investors. The maturity of AI and blockchain also enables new, more effective approaches to addressing many security problems. Join The Hive on November 15 at 13:00 to […]

Trends in Insurance Distribution

**REGISTER HERE:** []( What are the top trends driving insurance distribution today? And do customers really expect an Amazon-like experience when purchasing insurance? During The Hive’s virtual panel on November 8, experts from CSAA IG and Swiss Re will address these questions around trends in distribution. We invite you to join this lively panel moderated […]

[WEBINAR] “Just Evil Enough”

**[TO ACCESS THE WEBINAR URL PLEASE REGISTER VIA ZOOM.](**[ ]( **ABSTRACT:** Most startups worry too much about whether they can build something, and not enough about whether anyone will care. The biggest risk isn’t technology, it’s attention. And to capture attention it, you’re going to need to break some rules. After all, the big brands […]