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Generative AI’s transformation of knowledge work is happening at a scale comparable to that of industrial processes in the last century with robotic automation. But unlike the industrial revolution, this transformation is fast, inexpensive and bottoms-up as evidenced by the 200+M monthly active Chat-GPT users. This is drawing a new baseline for enterprises with respect to design, IP and knowledge work intensifying both innovation and competition amongst them. Generative AI’s shockwaves have already reached most enterprise IT and business systems with software and SaaS vendors feverishly integrating existing large language models (LLMs) or rolling out their own models. It is also profoundly impacting career paths of knowledge workers and management, who will need to realign skills and competencies to complement the fast-growing capabilities of generative AI.

This past eight months have caught most enterprises off-guard and have forced them to attempt pausing or restricting applications of generative AI till they figure out an adoption strategy. Aside from the external risks of hallucinations, IP/data leakage and unethical biases, enterprises are also grappling with internal challenges of realigning IT systems, business processes and people for the post generative AI world. This transformation also far out paces existing IT risk regulations and regulators are developing new frameworks for AI applications.

This event hosted by The Hive Think Tank brings together a panel of CIOs leading the way in navigating this complex journey of adoption of generative AI in the enterprise that is reshaping our work, career and growth this decade.

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  • Naveen Zutshi: Naveen Zutshi is the Chief Information Officer at Databricks. He was previously the CIO at Palo Alto Networks for the last six years where he was responsible for corporate wide analytics & AI, applications, global infrastructure, operations, and corporate services. Prior to this, Naveen was SVP, Infrastructure & Ops at Gap responsible for Corporate & E-Commerce infrastructure, overall security, and global operations.
  • Sharon Mandell: Sharon Mandell is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer leading Juniper’s global information technology team. In this role, she leads the ongoing enhancement of the company’s IT infrastructure and applications architectures to support the growth objectives of the company. She and her team are also responsible for showcasing Juniper’s use of its technologies to the world. Previously Sharon was CIO of TIBCO Software.
  • Sesh Tirumala: Sesh Tirumala is the Chief Information Officer at Western Digital. With more than 25 years’ experience in IT at various multinational companies, Sesh ‘s background includes IT infrastructure & security, business model transformation, cloud engineering infrastructure & operations, enterprise data management & analytics, IT strategy and business enablement.Prior to this Sesh has been CIO of PagerDuty and Anaplan.
  • Merv Adrian: With over four decades of experience in IT with Giga Information Group, Forrester Research and Gartner, Merv Adrian now focuses on helping IT vendors be more effective – with market strategy analysis, competitive assessments, speaking engagements, event hosting and webinars.

July 26


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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