Hive Data

The Hive is a seed stage venture fund based in Palo Alto, CA. It provides a venture studio that works actively with founders in the early stages to help them create and launch startups. The Hive applies its entrepreneurial and operational experience to accelerate company building. The Hive funds startups that leverage data, AI, blockchain and deep tech to drive disruption and new market opportunities.

The Hive is investing in North America from its fourth fund, The Hive IV. The Hive has separate funds in Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia


For Entrepreneurs


The in-house team of well-known company builders, serial entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors works alongside founders to propel startups through early stages of their growth and reduce product and technology risks, product-market fit and sales repeatability


Pre-seed and seed financing of between $1.5 million to $3 million with follow-on participation and help syndicating future rounds of financing with venture capitalists and strategic partners.

Product Guidance

Product and technical guidance from The Hive team and extended team of investors and advisors of The Hive who are prominent industry experts.

Early Customers & Partners

The Hive has strong partnerships with corporations who are early customers and go-to-market partners for our startups.

Team Design

The Hive helps founders add co-founders and build their team with our bench of top talent in specific vertical segments, AI, and engineering.

Collaboration Space

Early-stage startups can co-locate at our space in downtown Palo Alto to collaborate closely with The Hive team and share best practices with other startups.


For Entrepreneurs

Co-Innovation Partner

Corporations are using every tool in their innovation toolbox to drive digital transformation, growth, and business resilience. They are looking to significantly reduce the cycle times for innovation by complementing their internal innovation efforts with external and open innovation.

For corporations, The Hive’s venture studio innovation model is an effective way to get early access to cutting edge products and technologies and to be able to shape the products to meet their needs. On the other hand, startups benefit by having corporations as co-innovation partners who drive product-market fit and referencability

Innovation Ecosystem

The Hive hosts an innovation ecosystem and thought leadership forum called The Hive Think Tank that brings together entrepreneurs, corporations, and thought leaders. The Hive Think Tank connects corporations to the AI innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area. Corporations such as IBM, SAP, Intuit, TIBCO, CSAA, Microsoft, Cloudera, Visa, etc. have been sponsors of The Hive Think Tank, an innovation and thought leadership forum focused on “All Things Data & AI” with tracks on AI, Enterprise, Industrials, FinTech, InsureTech, 5G, Blockchain, Health, and Entrepreneurship.

The Hive Think Tank is the largest community of AI and data innovators in the SF Bay Area with a content platform and an event platform with over 11K members and regular events of 100-800 people in attendance every two weeks. The Hive Think Tank connects corporations to the data and AI innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area.

Corporate Co-creation

The Hive has collaborated with several corporations such as GE, Dell/EMC, eBay, and McKesson to co-create startups together. In some cases, The Hive is creating a new company to help the corporation build new sources of revenue with specific market focus giving them a time to market differentiation against their competitors. In other cases, corporations have technology, data and other assets that are underutilized, and The Hive helps roll these assets into a newly formed company that realizes value from the assets.


The Hive’s co-creations and investments are thematic and focused on th areas in the enterprise where AI will drive multi-billion dollars market oppurtuinities in the next few years

Business Processes
Digital Risk
Industry 4.0
Ambient Intelligence
Digital Health

Enterprise & industries

The Hive invests in applications and uses cases in functional areas of the enterprise
and in vertical industry segments







The Hive leverages its deep expertise in technologies that are enabling
digital transformation