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**ABSTRACT:** Most startups worry too much about whether they can build something, and not enough about whether anyone will care. The biggest risk isn’t technology, it’s attention. And to capture attention it, you’re going to need to break some rules. After all, the big brands you battle every day got where they are by breaking rules of their own—and now they’re writing new ones that give them the upper hand.

We’re not saying you should be entirely evil, but you should definitely learn to think subversively.

In this talk, Alistair Croll and Emily Ross—authors of the forthcoming book *Just Evil Enough*—outline proven methodologies you can use to win in a competitive marketplace. You’ll learn:

* Why marketing is like hacking, and how to create your own marketing zero-day exploit.
* The Recon canvas, and why you should be thinking about product-medium-market fit.
* Tactics such as reframing, access, and arbitrage that reveal asymmetries you can use to your advantage.

Based on over two hundred case studies, *Just Evil Enough* is a playbook for subversive marketing. Alistair, who wrote the bestselling Lean Analytics—and advisor to The Hive for several years—has been developing the ideas with tech marketing expert Emily Ross. While the book and online course are still in development, we’ve asked them to give us an early look at this groundbreaking marketing concept.

9:00-9:05 AM — Welcome from The Hive
9:05-9:15 AM — Introduction from Speakers
9:15-10:15 AM — “Just Evil Enough” Discussion
10:15-10:30 AM — Audience Q&A


* **Alistair Croll:** Entrepreneur, author, and business educator. Co-author of the best-selling *Lean Analytics; founder of* web performance pioneer Coradiant. A visiting executive at HBS, launched and chaired several of the world’s leading technology conferences.
* **Emily Ross:** Holds multiple qualifications in marketing, PR & analytics. Consults for VC funds, accelerators and an advisory board member at SXSW. Founder of Inkvine, a boutique marketing firm delivering award-winning, subversive marketing campaigns.



May 5


09:00 am - 10:30 am

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