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Join The Hive Think Tank SEA for an illuminating event where we’ll delve into the profound impact of technology on education, exploring how it’s reshaping both the art of teaching and the act of learning.

Our esteemed panel of speakers brings a wealth of expertise to the table:

  • Andrew Pereira, Founder & CEO of Excelerate Asia and CEO of General Assembly Malaysia. Andrew Pereira boasts over a decade of experience in the learning, education, and edtech sectors. His mission is to develop future skills in critical areas such as data, cybersecurity, and 5G, benefiting individuals and organizations across ASEAN.
  • Ali Jafari, CEO of CourseNetworking and Professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), is a global pioneer in e-learning systems and pedagogical methods. His mastery of information technology and the development of learning management systems has had a profound impact on education.
  • Jeff Sandhu, COO at 42 Malaysia – Sunway Education Group, brings a unique blend of experience, having fostered startup ecosystems through BFM Radio. His international recognition includes representing Malaysia at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Young Leaders Summit in 2015 and being a recipient of the US State Department IVLP 2019 program. Jeff’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize Malaysia’s education system, emphasizing alternative learning pathways for the next generation.
  • Moderated by Karen Lau, Director of iLabs Foundry at Sunway Innovations Labs (iLabs). With her comprehensive background in research, commercialization, and corporate venture, Karen specializes in innovation scouting, licensing, and seed-stage venture investment. She plays a pivotal role in driving collaboration between universities and startups to turn visionary ideas into successful products and companies.

Join us as we uncover the potential, challenges, and opportunities presented by online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, AI-driven personalized learning, and the rapidly evolving landscape of education technology.

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October 4


06:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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