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Enterprises have gone through irreversible changes in the nature of work, the composition of workforce and the workplace to reach radically different hybrid, distributed and on-demand organizations. Traditional workspace tools like VDI or shipping laptops may not meet the new needs of enterprises. The enterprise workspace has become a diverse multi-device experience for the employee, specially driven by the recent cutbacks on device shipments and upgrades. Rapid innovation projects in the enterprise need higher velocity provisioning for on-demand project-based talent. The adoption of generative AI (like Chat-GPT) will further exacerbate these shifts in the workforce.

Enterprise end user computing, desktop and workspace solutions are rapidly responding to these fast-changing requirements. Traditional VDI is reshaping into a variety of multi-device workspace experiences with hassle-free support for unmanaged (BYOD) worker devices. Security is becoming in-built within emerging workspace solutions to protect enterprises from devices out of reach of endpoint solutions. Continuous work observability is becoming a core feature of these emerging solutions for automating monitoring, management and audit of work. Accelerated adoption of AI tools is driving the need for further AI regulatory controls and monitoring.

In this event organized by The Hive Think Tank, our panel of industry leaders from the end user computing market will explore how enterprise IT is being equipped with new solutions to reshape the future of work driven by emerging workspace, observability and security solutions.

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  • Bharath Rangarajan – GM & VP Products, End User Computing – VMWare
  • Calvin Hsu, VP Product Management, Workspaces – Citrix
  • Dharmendra Mohan (“DM”) – CEO & Co-founder –
  • Harry Labana – Managing Director and Global head of Corporate and Workplace Solutions Engineering, Goldman Sachs – Moderator

September 13


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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