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Enterprises are going through radical changes in the structure of their workforce and nature of work driven by the economic climate, on-demand workers, rapid innovation and generational shift in workers. The adoption of low-code no-code platforms and on-demand talent marketplaces are necessitated by the drive towards rapid innovation in enterprises. Traditional workspace solutions like VDIs, enterprise shipped devices & software fail to meet the new requirements around the speed of onboarding/off-boarding workers, work observability, multi-device worker experience and security. Hence, enterprises need new technologies and platforms to meet these requirements the future of work.

Enterprises need to provide consistent, productive, timely and secure access to resources to an increasing variety of workers across traditional employees, remote, distributed, on-demand and AI-augmented workforce. Given the diversity and complexity in access paths, security policies need to be enforced continuously, and not merely at the time of granting access to resources. Work observability becomes the backbone of quality and security assurance in such a diverse workforce. The maturation of AI technologies is enhancing workforce observability, streamlining processes and providing data-driven insights.

In this event organized by The Hive Think Tank, our panel of enterprise thought leaders and practitioners will provide valuable perspectives and actionable advice to help both individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in this complex transition towards the future of work.

This event is part of a series on “Future of Work” hosted by The Hive Think Tank in partnership with

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  • Rinki Sethi: Rinki leads the global information security and technology functions, overseeing the protection of’s customer, partner, and employee data assets, and advises the company on continued innovations in the security and technology space.
  • Vishal Gupta: Vishal Gupta is senior vice president and chief information and technology officer for Lexmark International. He leads global information technology, software development, data science, corporate strategy, and Lexmark Ventures in a unified Connected Technology and Ventures team responsible for making connections — between customers, employees, products and strategy.
  • Dharmendra Mohan: DM has over 20 years building successful cyber security solutions. He has launched global cybersecurity services in public clouds and scaled them to global deployments.
  • Russ Kirby (Moderator): With more than 15 years of experience in security and compliance for very large enterprise organizations as well as startups, Russ has transformed and extended a comprehensive security strategy for ForgeRock that encompasses managing information technology, global risk and compliance and security operations.

September 19


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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