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Join us for a panel discussion on AI Security, where we will explore top concerns organizations face when adopting AI: AI lifecycle management, supply chain integrity, transparency, and trust.The rise of Generative AI has created a tidal wave of innovation and automation, with one-third of enterprises already experimenting with Generative AI. However, its adoption also comes with several risks that enterprises must consider.

This innovation wave not only has the potential to improve the security stack, but it also empowers attackers with more sophisticated exploitation and evasion techniques.Our panel of experts will discuss the dimensions of securing the AI lifecycle, mitigating risks in the AI supply chain, and bolstering transparency in AI-driven systems.

Throughout this discussion, we will explore the interplay between innovation and security, investigating how these seemingly conflicting imperatives can coalesce to pave the way for responsible AI integration.

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About The Speakers:

  • Chris Sesito “Tito”: Tito is Co-founder & CEO of HiddenLayer, a cybersecurity start-up dedicated to preventing adversarial machine learning attacks. He has over a decade of experience leading global threat research, intelligence, engineering, and data science teams, with a focus on security products at organizations such as Cylance, Qualys and Agari.
  • Jonathan Dambrot: Jonathan is CEO of Cranium AI, Inc. Cranium is the leading AI Security and Trust Platform. The company spun out of the KPMG Studio and came out of stealth in April 2023. Jonathan is a former Partner at KPMG, cyber security industry leader, and visionary. Prior to KPMG, he led Prevalent to become a Gartner and Forrester industry leader in 3rd party risk management before its sale to Insight Venture Partners in late 2016.
  • Katie Boswell: Katie is the Managing Director, Cyber Security Services at KPMG. Katie has been a Cyber Security Services leader in Energy and Life Sciences for a while now, which puts her on the front lines of securing the most critical national infrastructure. She spent the past 20 years in this field, and partners with clients to transform and champion their cyber security strategy, and reinforce the security and resiliency of their systems and infrastructure.
  • Ian Swanson: Ian is the CEO and Founder of Protect AI. Most recently, Ian was an Amazon Web Services Worldwide Leader for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning responsible for go-to-market across the entire AWS portfolio reaching 100K customers. Prior to Amazon, he was Vice President of Machine Learning at Oracle. In this role, Ian oversaw the strategy for Oracle’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products.
  • Jed Leidheiser (Moderator): Jed Leidheiser is a Partner at March Capital, bringing over 15 years of enterprise experience across investing and operating roles. Prior to joining, Jed invested throughout the lifecycle: from early stage at Work-Bench Ventures in New York City, to public equities at Balyasny Asset Management in San Francisco.

October 4


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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