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Fintech thrived in the 2010s bringing massive transformations in inclusive access to banking & credit, mobile customer engagement, AI-driven process automation and alternate assets with cryptocurrencies. This post-pandemic decade starkly contrasts the booming 2010s with its high-inflated asset bubbles, increased global wealth inequality scorched with inflation, climate change risks and corporations torn apart in polarized geopolitics. Much like the lending and credit startups post-2008 crisis, these times open up opportunities of securitizing new classes of assets that might likely burst including energy, supply-chain & commodities and commercial real estate.

Sharing economy is meeting financial services with asset-less, non-custodial equivalents of traditional financial services built on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms like Ethereum. Both people and corporations are embracing exposure to cryptocurrencies to hedge against polarizing geopolitical risks.

Securitizing Inflated Assets

Non-custodial Financial Services

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